Full H-1 Freeway closure starts this Thursday

The H-1 Freeway rehab project is finally in the home stretch.

“We’re still on target for end of July completion, so that’s the good news,” State Department of Transportation Spokeswoman Caroline Sluyter said.

But the bad news is they need to shut down the whole freeway to finish the project.

KHON2 checked in with drivers about their reaction to hearing about the full freeway closure.
Ramona Vanderhoef of Nuuanu replied: “Horrible, it is so horrible.”

Taxi drivers and their riders may also feel the impact.
Taxi driver Abraham Martin said: “Well the customer might have to pay more because we have to go around and of course the other roads will be jammed up and everything.”

“They need to install loop detectors, they’re doing paving, curing and it does necessitate the full closures in both directions,” Sluyter said,

All lanes of the H-1 Freeway will be closed between Likelike Highway and Ward Avenue from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. starting this Thursday, every night for two weeks except for Friday and Saturday nights.

KHON2 asked: “Why is it so early?  8 o’clock seems early.”
Sluyter replied: “It is early and it’s because of the curing time for the asphalt.”

KHON2 asked: “Are you shutting down some of the other road projects during this time to ensure that all the other alternate routes are available?”
Sluyter replied: “No, but what we’ve been doing as you know is the full closure in one direction and only one lane open in the other direction, so it is a change but not a super drastic change.”

Parts of Ala Moana Boulevard and Nimitz Highway will still be closed for road work, so don’t plan on taking that route.

But you can take School Street, Vineyard Boulevard, King Street, Queen Street, Dillingham Boulevard, or Beretania Street as alternate routes.

When the project is complete Sluyter said “Then we will have re-striped it to four lanes in each direction so you’ll have the four lanes going all the way from Punahou to Likelike.”

So there are just a few more weeks of inconvenience in exchange for years of convenience.

As always the work is weather permitting.

Visit http://h1rehab.com/ for daily updates on the project.

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