Banyan tree branch falls in Palama, damages car

Kanoa St.
Kanoa St.

Crews were out Wednesday morning clearing part of a banyan tree that fell in Palama.

A large branch fell at around 8:30 a.m. on Kanoa St. fronting Kaumakapili Church.

No one was injured, but the branch hit a parked car and broke a side view mirror.

Arborist John Perry says the tree itself is healthy and supporting roots or vines were cut, causing the branch to break off.

“If you don’t allow those roots to drop down and support the scaffold branches, then the branches will continue to extend themselves and without the roots to support them, they kind of over-extend and become more prone to failure,” he said.

The church owns the tree and is responsible for clearing the debris.

The nearest cross street is appropriately named Banyan St.

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