Bruno Mars, ‘Lion King’ generated nearly $1 million in city revenue

Touring companies of "The Lion King" did successful runs at the Blaisdell Concert Hall in 2007 and early 2014.

Major musical events held recently in Honolulu have generated close to a million dollars in revenue for the city.

The Lion King, Wicked and Bruno Mars have sang and danced their way into our hearts and, even after their curtains have closed, the shows continue to make an impact on our pocketbook.

“With renting equipment and hiring locals to work for the show as dressers and stage hands and such,” explained Mei Jeanne Wagner of Anthology Group.

Touring Broadway shows brought in $3.4 billion into the American economy, and “for every dollar spent on a ticket for a touring Broadway show, another three dollars is generated in the local marketplace,” Wagner said.

Recent data collected from the city shows the revenue amount to the city for the Lion King and Bruno Mars performances in March and April together brought in close to a million dollars.

Both Wicked and Lion King have an economic impact of more than $30 million and Bruno Mars created $370,000 for the local economy.

Now that the aftermath of Bruno Mars has settled, concert producer Tom Moffatt has his sights on the Japanese boy band, Arashi.

“Arashi is one of the big ones. Coming up they are bringing 15,000-20,000 people when they appear in Hawaii in September,” he said.

Arashi will take over Ko Olina in a few months, but before that Tony Orlando and Ballroom with a Twist hit the Blaisdell in July and August.

As for other future shows, “I can’t give you specific names because deals aren’t cut yet, but we are talking about three major shows coming to Hawaii in the next couple years,” said Wagner.

“We look for one that local audiences will respond to, not only buy tickets, but enjoy their music,” Moffatt said.

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