Hokulea’s first video interview on Malama Honua voyage

On Wednesday, Hokulea held her first live video interview of the voyage.

KHON2’s Kathy Muneno got to speak with her husband, captain and Pwo navigator Nainoa Thompson, as he sailed on the open ocean.

Hokulea is 600 miles away from Rangiroa in the Tuamotu archipelago meaning if the good winds continue, this could be the fastest crossing from Hawaii to Tahiti.

The record is set at 19 days and this current voyage is on day 12.

“Well, we’re still a good 600 miles away. We’ve still got a lot of work to do,” Thompson said. “But if we do end up being the fastest of all the voyages to Tahiti then I would credit the canoe. She’s in incredibly good shape. And I would credit that community that took care of her for 18 months in dry dock. I would credit leadership like Bruce Blankenfeld and Bob Perkins who were there around the world.

“Then I would credit also this crew,” he added. “Seventy-five percent of the crew is under the age of 40, 50 percent of the crew is under the age of 30, our seven new navigators are in their 20s. Out of the 13 on board, only four have sailed deep sea. We took a chance on developing young leadership by taking younger novice people and they did what they’re supposed to do. They’ve trained and they’ve learned and they’ve performed — and so those three elements, and then also its the weather. The weather has given us a blessing of having winds the whole way. If the winds allow it, we’ll have a successful landfall in a number five, six, seven days.”

Watch the video above for the full conversation, including how rough the weather has been — and it’s been rough, Thompson says — and how many fish they’ve caught.

Track the double-hulled canoe’s voyage here.

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