Luxury Texas home hangs off cliff slowly falling into lake

Texas home falling over cliff
Texas home falling over cliff

LAKE WHITNEY, Texas (WFAA/CNN) — Just watch and wait.

That’s all the owners of a Texas home can do as the upscale house teeters on the edge of a lakeside cliff.

The edge of the 4,000-square-foot home was dangling about 75 feet above the rocky shoreline after part of it had already broken off.

More pieces of the home tumbled into the lake this week, but authorities say it could be months before the rest falls in.

It is an unexpected sight, as you cruise the waters of Lake Whitney.

A nearly million-dollar home, dangling off a cliff.

“And that’s what we kept looking and looking and looking, to see if anything was going to happen right then,” neighbor Connie Ash said.

Ash and Jackie McNamara have been glued to their binoculars since Tuesday, when they first heard — and then saw — the land beneath this home give way.

This morning, they discovered the back porch had collapsed into the lake.

From the water, you can now see straight into the house.

“And what else is it going to do, except fall in?” McNamara said.

That’s the question now — when, or even if, the rest of the home will collapse.

Experts aren’t sure what is causing the land to crack.

“We may not see another movement for, you know, several months. You know, who knows — it could — you know, these rains come in, could soften the ground below it, and it could go away sooner than that,” Chief Deputy Mark Wilson said.

Documents show a husband and wife have owned this home since 2012.

It was built in 2008, and is valued at more than $700,000.

Authorities say the couple became aware of the crack in the cliff earlier this year, and had moved out all their belongings as a precaution, while they’re currently out of town watching this all play out from afar.

“I have never seen anything like this. Not in Texas,” Wilson said.

We were allowed into the gated community of white bluff this afternoon, and saw security guarding the home from the front. A small sign reading “Extreme danger. Stay off premises” was placed in the front yard.

But from the back, an entirely different picture of a home vulnerable, unprotected, collapsing piece by piece.

Authorities say there’s no threat to other homes or the public right now.

Lake Whitney is about 55 miles south of Fort Worth.

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