Allegations of overcrowding, nepotism plague State Hospital

The state hospital has been under the microscope lately after reports of overcrowding and nepotism.

In one case a staffer had up to six family members working in the hospital.

In terms of overcrowding, patients are currently living in rooms that weren’t designed to live in. On Wednesday, Senator Clayton Hee spent the afternoon touring the facility.

KHON2 wanted to know what he saw since we weren’t allowed in.

“It was a conference room used to house two individuals because they’re over census,” said Hee.

There are systemic problems, like nepotism.

“The director of nursing has at least six family members working here,” Hee added.

Those were both major talking points for Senator Clayton Hee after touring the state hospital. He says the facility has issues that need to be addressed.

“This problem should have been addressed yesterday and I suppose some in government would say that it’s an ongoing process, but there’s a lot of improvement that can be done,” explained Hee.

One improvement Hee touched on is a bigger facility. Currently the state hospital houses 202 patients but it was only meant to house 170.

One possible solution could be a new facility.

“No, there’s a lot of talk about that and I mean I started by saying this facility is way to small,” Hee shared.

In terms of systemic issues, Hee says he has personally sat down with workers who have told him there is favoritism.

“These will all come to a head when the ethics commission conducts its own investigative hearings,” noted Hee.

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