Surveillance video during Las Vegas shooting rampage released

Surveillance photo: Walmart

Investigators now say the bullet that killed a man who went on a shooting rampage with his wife in Las Vegas came from a deputy’s gun.

On Wednesday, police released part of the surveillance video from inside the Walmart where Jerad and Amanda Miller were shot. The actual shootings were deemed too graphic to show.

The couple shot and killed two police officers and a third person before barricading themselves inside the store during a firefight with officers Sunday.

Authorities initially said Amanda Miller shot and killed her husband before taking her own life, but further analysis revealed Jerad Miller was shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy.

Police are still trying to determine why they went on the rampage.

“Because an individual may online espouse ideology that is anti-government or anti-police doesn’t make them translate into a murderer,” said Kevin McMahill, assistant sheriff of Clark County, Nev. “What happened to change these two people into murderers, we don’t know and we are working diligently to find out.”

Detectives actually spoke with the couple back in February.

Jerad Miller was accused of making threatening comments to the Indiana DMV, but after a conversation with the Millers, detectives determined they were not a threat.

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