Alabama aunt uncovers murder plot with fake Facebook profile

19-year-old Marissa Williams
19-year-old Marissa Williams

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBMA-LD) – An Alabama teen is accused of plotting a murder-for-hire.

Investigators say she befriended a man on Facebook to carry out the plan.

What she didn’t know was the person she tried to hire turned out to be the person she wanted dead.

19-year-old Marissa Williams is behind bars in Tuscaloosa.

About week ago, she was living with her aunt in this home off Sylvan Loop Road in Fosters.

Police say Williams had a dispute with her aunt over men she was inviting over.

“They were having some disputes over living arrangements. The aunt had befriended her on Facebook,” Lt. Gary Hood, Tuscaloosa Co. Sheriff’s Office said.

Investigators say the aunt started snooping, created a fake Facebook page, called herself ‘Tre-Topdog-Ellis’ and befriended her niece.

According to court documents Williams asked ‘Tree’ shoot her aunt, cousin and their dogs.

She even explained how to do it.

“The solicitation for the killing of her family members began to happen. The suspect in the case initiated the conversation,” explained Lt. Hood.

That’s when the aunt brought the evidence here to the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

Williams was arrested for solicitation of murder. Investigators say they would actually encourage anyone especially parents to do exactly what the aunt did.

“Monitor, do what you can to monitor what your children are accessing on the Internet and what they are doing. There’s limitations on computers, there’s restrictions that you can have on your cell phones. they just need to take all precautions that they can,” Lt. Gary Hood said.

Williams is in the Tuscaloosa County Jail.

Her aunt declined a request for an interview.

She asked for prayers for her family, including her niece.

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