Small holes found fuel tank at Navy’s Red Hill storage facility

Red Hill fuel storage facility

Navy contract workers have found three small holes on a tank at the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility.

The holes in Tank 5 were discovered on June 11 and 12 during an extensive examination of the empty fuel tank and not visible to the naked eye.

The inspection is being conducted after the Navy announced a possible leak of up to 27,000 gallons of jet fuel in January.

“The small holes were located in prior welding repairs and may explain the reason for the fuel loss,” said Capt. Mike Williamson, Chief Engineer for Navy Region Hawaii. “We’ve got the right experts working meticulously to determine the full extent of the leak as the inspection continues.”

Each of Red Hill’s 20 cylindrical tanks is 250 feet tall, 100 feet in diameter, and can hold up to 12.5 million gallons of fuel.

The Navy says Hawaii Dept. of Health officials have been updated on the latest findings.

Meanwhile, laboratory tests continue to indicate that drinking water sources in the vicinity continue to meet federal regulatory Safe Drinking Water and State of Hawaii standards.

“The water continues to be safe to drink,” said Williamson. “We continue to work closely with all of our government partners from local, state and federal agencies. As a follow up to our January announcement, we are continuing to update the public on everything the Navy is doing to avoid future leaks.”

The Red Hill facility provides secure fuel storage for ships and aircraft of U.S. Pacific Fleet and other military branches.

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