Ceremony marks Hokulea’s passage into southern hemisphere

Photo: Oiwi TV

Hokulea and Hikianalia are just a few days away from Tahiti and, although they’re not there yet, they have made some milestones along the way.

One of them was reaching the equator, also called Ka Piko O Wakea.

Crews held a special ceremony to mark their passage into the southern hemisphere, and to honor past and future sailors.

They made offerings of water from Mauna Kea and stones from across Hawaii.

Despite what could be a record time to Tahiti on Hokulea, it hasn’t been easy sailing.

“We ran into a lot of rough squalls, it was a really bumpy ride,” said Hokulea crewmember Noelani Kamalu. “So on Tuesday, we decided to take everything down, so we took our traditional sails and put up our triangle sails (for) better upwind sailing, so that also means is a lot smoother ride.”

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