Oahu Transit Services outlines issues with new Handi-Vans

Maintenance manager Charles Lee points out some of the issues with a new Handi-Van.

Oahu Transit Services is speaking out over problems with its new fleet of Handi-Vans.

The city ordered 99 new vans, but only 10 have been put into service so far.

The city says the vans are looked over by an inspector on the mainland, but when it arrives here, OTS does an entirely new inspection and finds problems.

OTS maintenance manager Charles Lee gave KHON2 a tour of one of the new vans Friday, which were found to have 16 different things wrong with it.

Among the issues were incorrectly routed harnesses and the mounting of those harnesses, which could create problems for the vehicle’s electrical system and potentially start a fire.

“We’ve never had one that was accepted right off the bat,” he said. “All the vehicles we’ve inspected all had defects.”

Lee says after the inspection, he submits a report to the city which then goes to the vendor. While some of the issues can be fixed on site, others require more work.

“The vendor will come back and pick up the vehicle and go through the gig sheet and make the corrections. They’ll bring it back to us again and we’ll inspect it and if it’s good, then we’ll accept it,” he explained.

Lee says it takes about a week before an approved vehicle is out on the road.

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