Man holding baby jumps from Kaimuki balcony

Apartment building on Waialae Avenue

Emergency responders were called to an apartment building on Waialae Avenue Sunday morning after someone saw a baby crying on a balcony.

“The fire trucks came. They were the first responders. And then right after that, three police cars came and then they went up to the apartment, the second floor, trying to knock and get in,” said witness Anthony Cambra.

Darrel Aki lives nearby and heard the commotion.

“So I came out to see what was going on. I came back there and when I went in the back, I saw this baby on the balcony. I don’t know if it was one girl baby or boy baby, but the baby was by itself,” Aki said.

Aki couldn’t believe his eyes. A few minutes later, he saw a man on the balcony with the baby in his arms.

“He was up there. And he straddled that wall. And when he straddled that wall, he jumped down and I guess he was trying to land on that wall here. What happened was he hit that wall and then he fell out here with the baby,” Aki said.

A witness says several people ran after the man. They then tackled him and held him down.

“And the police apprehended him right in here,” said Aki, who was pointing at a grass area near a fence.

Honolulu police told KHON2 the man, Zelig Pickering, 35, is the baby’s father. According to Emergency Medical Services, the two were taken to the hospital in serious condition.

“When you see something like this happening, what’s going through your mind?” KHON2 asked Aki.

“Panic for the baby. Anger,” Aki said. “Nobody do that to one baby. Nobody put one baby like that in harm’s way.”

According to police, Pickering was arrested and charged for endangering the welfare of a child. He has posted bail.

The investigation is ongoing.

Zelig Pickering

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