Mother of preschooler not allowed to use restroom on JetBlue flight, grateful for apology

Jennifer Devereaux and her daughters
Jennifer Devereaux and her daughters

BOSTON (WBZ/CNN) – A Massachusetts mom is feeling a lot better this weekend after receiving an apology from JetBlue Airlines.

Last week, while traveling with her two daughters aboard a JetBlue flight from New York to Boston, the plane was delayed on the runway.

A flight attendant refused to let Jennifer Devereaux’s three-year old use the bathroom.

The child ended up urinating on herself and mom was furious.

Now that the company called to make amends, she says she’s happy JetBlue did the right thing.

“She said I am a mom, too. I understand what you going through and I am so sorry this happened to you. I didn’t care about a voucher. That kind of stuff doesn’t matter to me. But I did want an apology for my family because we really felt we were mistreated and felt awful about,” Devereaux said.

JetBlue says its employees will undergo sensitivity training.

They offered the family a 50-dollar credit, and five-thousand-dollars to be given to a charity of their choice.

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