Sunday morning fire in Hauula leaves 10 homeless

Ten family members became homeless Sunday following an early morning fire in Hauula. Neighbors did everything they could to help, but the house burned to the ground.

The fire happened in a small cul-de-sac on Kawaipuna St. The family had lived in the house for less than a year, and neighbors were concerned for their safety, and the safety of their own homes.

“It sounded like there was fireworks going on, we heard an explosion,” said neighbor Tara Vaughn. “We came running out of our house and their house was just fully engulfed in flames.”

The neighbors were obviously concerned about the safety of their homes, but they were more concerned about the safety of the family who lost their home.

“My first worry was about them,” said neighbor Regina Pasi, whose house is right next door, “to see if they were all out, and they were already out, so I was happy (and) I just kept hosing down my house.”

Honolulu Fire Department officers were on the scene this morning, examining the destruction. Crews from Hawaiian Electric were just departing after restoring power to this small neighborhood, after making certain no other danger existed.

The charred remains of the home will remain until the investigation is complete.

Damage to the structure and contents is estimated at $400,000. Seven adults and three children escaped the blaze, and one of the adults received minor burns to his arm.

Investigators determined the fire started in the garage and was electrical in nature. The cause was ruled an accident.

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