Public concerned with frequency of escapes from OCCC

Oahu Community Correctional Center

With two prisoners on the loose and so many people who live and work close to Oahu Community Correctional Center, KHON2 wanted to know how those in the area feel about the situation.

Many expressed concern since this problem seems to be happening pretty frequently.

“Knowing an inmate has escaped, that is a very big concern of mine,” said Hilda Bowman-Cobb, a visitor from Alabama.

“Your kids are always out there and you don’t want your kids to come across someone that’s going to do them harm,” said Michael Flynn, who works near OCCC. “We need to get these people caught quickly and put back to where they should be and hope for the best.”

Macquade Afaese lives across the street from OCCC, yet he didn’t know about the escaped inmate.

“I haven’t heard nothing yet, only when the word gets out, that’s when you find out there was an escaped convict,” he said.

Honolulu City Council member Joey Manahan represents the district and says he’s concerned with the frequency of escapes.

“As a council member, I would certainly be concerned still for the residents who live in the area. Whenever this happens — and it’s been happening every other week so — it’s a concern,” he said.

In terms of how often it keeps happening, some residents believe it needs to be fixed.

“The system needs to be checked on and you know maybe revamp the system and maybe make a few changes,” Manahan agreed.

Manahan also said it’s hard to get out the word to residents, but that schools in the area are informed immediately.

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