Ducks, feces staying out of pool at Kailua District Park

Those who use Kailua District Park’s swimming pool are hoping that ducks continue to stay away.

The pool had to be closed several times due to duck droppings, but last week, swimmers were in the clear.

The city’s solution was to use decoys and flags to scare away the ducks, but pool users told KHON2 that the ducks kept coming back because a woman kept feeding them.

According to those who use the pool, the woman hasn’t been seen in more than a week.

Larry Williams, who brought the problem to KHON2 last week, said things really started to take a turn after the story aired.

He said with more people hearing about the problem, maybe those who once fed the birds saw the harm it was causing.

“I think that got the public’s attention and maybe the people doing it inadvertently stopped because we haven’t had that problem anymore,” he said.

“Don’t feed wild animals near the swimming pool or the tennis courts or the park area,” said state Rep. Cynthia Thielen, (R-Kailua, Kaneohe). “This is just wrong because it destroys the ability for people to enjoy our public areas.”

Thielen worked with the Dept. of Health to come up with the letter that was delivered to the woman who was feeding the birds.

Thielen told KHON2 that the letter informed the lady about a law that can fine someone for creating a public nuisance. In this case, her feeding the ducks was a public nuisance to those who use the pool.

The pool has now gone a week without duck droppings and closures.

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