Ex-boyfriend of missing woman arrested for unrelated terroristic threatening

Steven Capobianco
Steven Capobianco

The ex-boyfriend of a missing Maui pregnant woman has been arrested for the offenses of terroristic threatening in the first degree.

According to Maui police, Steven Capobianco sent a “snap chat” message to several recipients including a 16-year-old girl. Police say the message was sent on Sunday, June 15, and contained an image and a statement that was taken as a threat.

The Maui Police Department’s Special Response Team and the Crime Reduction Unit were able to locate and arrest Capobianco in the Wailuku area on Monday.

Police say Capobianco was carrying a four to six-inches dual edged knife, disguised as a belt buckle and sheathed within the belt, during the custodial search.

Capobianco was released pending further investigation on the terroristic threatening offense, but charged on the deadly weapons prohibited charge.

In addition, Mr. Capobianco was also arrested and charged with violation of terms and conditions of release on bail.

Total bail was set at $502,000.00.

Police say this incident is not related to the Charli Scott Homicide investigation, or any other on-going investigation.


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