World Cup Update 6/17/2014

Courtesy of AP

BRAZIL- We are only into one week of the 2014 World Cup and we have already seen our share of memorable games. From USA’s thrilling win over Ghana to surprising loss of defending champion Spain, the World Cup lacks no amount of drama and we can expect a lot more in the upcoming matches.
Here are the scores from the past matches so far in 2014:

1. Thu, Jun 12

Brazil def. Croatia 3-1

2. Fri, Jun 13

Mexico def. Cameroon 1-0
Netherlands def. Spain 5-1
Chile def. Australia 3-1

3. Sat, Jun 14

Colombia def. Greece 3-0
Costa Rica def. Uruguay 3-1
Italy def. England 2-1
Côte d’Ivoire def. Japan 2-1

4. Sun, Jun 15

Switzerland def. Ecuador 2-1
France def. Honduras 3-0
Argentina def. Bosnia and Herzegovina 2-1

5. Mon, Jun 16

Germany def. Portugal 4-0
Iran and Nigeria tie 0-0
United States def. Ghana 2-1

6. Tue, Jun 17

Belgium def. Algeria 2-1
Russia and Kora Republic tie 1-1
Brazil and Mexico tie 0-0

For more information on the matches, click here.

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