14-year-old California boy saves man’s life during apartment fire

Latrell McCockran
Latrell McCockran

FAIRFIELD, CA (KCRA) — A 14-year-old California boy is being called a hero after firefighters say he saved a man from a four-alarm fire at an apartment complex.

“We started smelling.. It smelled kinda like a funny smell,” Latrell McCockran said.

“I started running around the building like crazy,” his mother Latisha McCockran said.

“And she said the house is on fire,” Latrell said.

“Where is the Latrell?” Latisha remembers wondering.

“I have to hurry and get this person out of here,” Latrell said.

Latrell says from the moment he sensed the smoke…

“It smelled kind of gassy kind of like burnish,” Latrell said.

To when he saw the flames, it was all instinct propelled by adrenaline.

“Flames are coming out everywhere so… ” Latrell said.

Those flames only fueled his sense of urgency.

“Well I ran from up here. I kicked that fire extinguisher in. I ran down here to the house and saw the old guy kind of stumbling, so I picked him up. I took him down there where the other guys were at,” Latrell said.

The disabled 62-year-old man told Latrell his dog was still trapped inside the apartment.

“So I went back down here where the dog is and back there in the room the flames were coming from I opened up the door and the dog came out,” Latrell said.

Latrell wasn’t the only one fighting this four-alarm fire at this complex. In fact, his entire family pitched in.

“I broke the window here with another fire extinguisher and immediately started trying to put the flames out,” Latisha said.

While little Latravian skated door to door making sure everyone was out his older brother Latrell ventured inside a third time.

“I tied my shirt around my mouth, and I got down on the floor because you couldn’t see nothing at the top… and I started looking to see if I see any feet and I called about five, six times nobody answered,” Latrell said.

It was afterwards when he talked to the man whose life he saved.

“He just kept saying,’ thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,” Latrell said.

How did that feel?

“It felt good inside,” Latrell said.

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