Ask HPD: Is it okay to use shoulder lane?

Honolulu Police Department Capt. Andrew Lum answers this week’s question.

Question: During my morning commute from Waianae to Honolulu to get to my office (along the H-1 freeway westbound), I see at times drivers taking the road shoulder before the Ewa Beach off ramp (some miles before it) especially when traffic is bad. Is it okay to use the road shoulder to get to the off ramp faster?

Answer: It is not okay to use the shoulder lane to get a better position in traffic when it is backed up.

The shoulder lane is used for emergencies, such as stalled vehicles, emergency/law enforcement response, or when an officer has to detour traffic during an accident.

The HPD understands that traffic can get backed up in different areas during certain times of the day, but do not use the shoulder lane, as a normal lane of traffic unless instructed to do so.

A driver cited for improperly using a shoulder lane could face a $97 fine.

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