Kapolei Parkway to be finished in September

A road project in Kapolei that’s been years in the making has many people scratching their heads.

We’re talking about a small but vital part of Kapolei Parkway.

The road is one of the main arteries of the community.

Many residents are wondering when the street will be finished.

Dickson Lewis is one of them and he contacted KHON2’s Action Line for help.

“Everyday. I come and go everyday,” he said.

Lewis drives on this street everyday until he faces this roadblock.

“And all of us have to either go through Kalaeloa or go through town just to go to Costco,” Lewis said.

This is the last stretch of Kapolei Parkway, that needs to be completed.

The portion of the parkway at issue is less than a mile long. Construction began over a year and a half ago with a $13 million price tag. Leaving taxpayers wondering:

“What’s taking so long for this road to open?” Lewis asked.

Some people are not waiting. Residents are already using the road.

Check out Brian Moreno, who makes his own path through this construction zone.

“Once it’s complete, will it be easier for you to ride?” KHON2 asked.

“Oh yeah, it’s going to be straight across because I come from Ewa,” Moreno said.

“And it seems like a waste. This road has been completed, the lights are up,” Lewis said.

If this portion of Kapolei Parkway next to the judiciary complex looks like its completed, it’s because it is. The city finished it last December.

But the other part of the road and what will be an intersection are not done. Both will be finished in September, and that’s when the city will open this entire, last stretch.

“But now I know September. At least that’s something to look forward to,” Lewis said.

Mike Formby, the head of the city’s transportation department said, “the Department of Transportation Services is looking forward to the completion of the project so we can open this part of Kapolei Parkway to the community.”

The road was scheduled to be completed in August, but is behind one month, because of weather delays.

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