Wahiawa drivers frustrated by large dip, hole in road

Mango St., Wahiawa

No one seems to know what caused it, but a large dip with a hole in Wahiawa is forcing many drivers to pass through with caution.

It’s located on Mango St. near California Ave.

The people KHON2 spoke with say it’s been there for months.

“We’ve called it in on (the city’s pothole hotline) on the Internet and they said they knew about it and they were going to come out and fix it. But that’s been six months ago since we did it,” said Daniel Cotta, who works nearby.

“Somebody might get hurt. A couple times I’ve seen people when they walk, they don’t see it, so they twist their leg,” said Danniel Kauakahi, who also works nearby.

Neighboring businesses tell KHON2 the problem has gotten so bad that somebody spray painted the area to warn drivers.

“I’ve seen catering trucks down here from Dot’s. They fall in it at night. They just ‘bah-bump.’ Every night they fall in it. So yeah, it’s a bad deal,” Cotta said.

Some drivers say it’s an accident waiting to happen, “because if somebody is driving and they’re not being careful or if they’re not paying attention, like we all should be, then their car could potentially veer off the road,” said Thelia Monroy, who drives often in Wahiawa. “Especially if somebody is coming toward them in the other lane, they could potentially hit that person.”

“What would you like to see done?” KHON2 asked.

“Just come out and fix the hole. It’s just one hole. Why can’t they just come and fix it?” Cotta said.

“It would be great if it could be repaired,” Monroy said. “Being a mother, I never want to be caught in a situation, something like this, where my son could be hurt and I could possibly hurt something else.”

KHON2 reached out to the city Thursday morning but has yet to hear back on whether officials know about the hole and how they plan to fix it.

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