Crews fix dip, hole in Wahiawa road

Mango St., Wahiawa

Wahiawa drivers have dealt with a large dip and hole on Mango Street for the past several months.

On Thursday, KHON2 spotted drivers going right through it while others tried to avoid it.

Shawna Lopez told us about the problem Wednesday by using the “Report It” feature on our website.

“Anyone could just fall in. I didn’t know how deep it was or if it was the beginning of a sinkhole or something. I wasn’t sure, so I just wanted to be safe,” Lopez said.

Mitsuru Tojo owns the laundromat nearby. He says the hole would make it difficult for him to get in and out of his garage.

“When I backed out, I hit the bump. Certain way when I back up the car, I have to make a big turn,” Tojo said.

“Doing laundry over here, I’ve seen a few cars hit the bump. It makes your car hit the road when you hit it. So it’s kind of loud and I wouldn’t want something to happen to my car,” Lopez said.

On Friday, less than a day after KHON2’s story aired, road crews were there on Mango Street repairing the hole.

“It’s a good thing for the community. People, we use the road. You didn’t do it for almost six months and it took (KHON2) to get it done. It shouldn’t be that way. Make a call, get it done,” said Bobby Lancaster, who drives often in the area.

So why did it take so long for the road to get fixed? The city wouldn’t talk on camera, but provided a statement that said it’s known about the problem for several months and put it on a list of things for the contractor to fix.

The city says it only learned that the problem had gotten worse on Thursday and told the contractor to address the safety issue immediately.

As for drivers, they’re just glad that something was finally done.

“If not for you, this wouldn’t have got done,” Lancaster said.

If you see a potential safety hazard, contact the city online here.

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