Dog lovers take advantage of ‘Take Your Pet to Work Day’

take your pet to work day

Some furry friends didn’t have to stay home on Friday, because it was international “Take Your Pet to Work Day.”

Dozens of four-legged furry companions spent the day at work with their owners today in Hawaii Kai. Pro Service Hawaii, which employs 150 people, extended the invitation to all employees.

“With her, she is just happy to be content, just being by my desk,” said Elena Martinez, “So I am actually spending more time at my desk focusing on my computer and my work. Of course, we have allocated break times for water and other things.”

Employees and their dogs also had a chance to socialize with each other, take part in special classes with the Hawaiian Humane Society, and learn pet care from nearby pet clinics.

Those with allergies were allowed to work from home for the day.

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