Friends of the Library of Hawaii hosts 67th annual book sale

The Friends of the Library of Hawaii kicked off their 67th annual book sale Saturday.

The sale is being held in the Mckinley High School cafeteria.

Over 150,000 books will be available, as well as DVD’s, art, music, and more.

Consumers can purchase genres such as mystery, historical fiction, foreign, reference, psychology, education, anthropology, and archeology.

Proceeds from the book sale will go to all of Hawaii’s 50 public libraries.

“We’re trying to raise money for the libraries. Funding is very limited so it’s a way to generate about $200,000 to help the libraries throughout the state of Hawaii… Without our helping the library, we’re not going to provide much of a service to the public.” Chairman of the book sale Nobuo Kuwaida said.

Most books at the sale will be sold for about $5.00 or less.

The sale will officially end on June 29th.

For more information on the sale, please visit:

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