World Cup inspiring Brazilian street art

Energia Pra Torcer
Energia Pra Torcer

NITEROI, BRAZIL (CNN) – Far away from the glamorous World Cup stadiums, the soccer tournament is inspiration for street art.

Spray painters are customizing 20 giant footballs that will be shipped to cities across Brazil.

CNN caught up with curator and artist icon Marcello Ment.

“They try to get some elements of those cities. Some cultural elements or some nature elements. And for sure use some vibrant colors and show some positives to the people who go and see the balls,” Ment said.

The project is called Energia Pra Torcer (Energy to Cheer) and it showcases the color and the diversity of the World Cup’s host nation.

The artists have very different styles. And while we were there – we got the curators to do a little artwork for us.

Massio has agreed to customize a Pelican case for CNN. It is something that accompanies the crew on all shoots and it’s taken everywhere.

Colorful and with a Brazilian flavor true to the exhibitions motto.

“Okay, and here we go. Our own CNN Brazil flight case. I am sure we will be the envy of the company. I can’t wait to take this thing to Syria!” reporter Fred Pleitgen said.

But there is also a serious side to the exhibition. Many don’t feel the games are for everyone with ticket prices out of reach for many here.

This picture illustrates that frustration.

“We have a horrible system of politics. People think it is normal to steal and to make advantages for themselves. And that’s not normal, you know,” Ment said.

In the midst of all the World Cup hype, this project looks to take this country’s passion for football and merge it with grassroots street art.

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