Kailua community volunteers clean up park pavilion

Photo courtesy Jaymi Britten

Members of the Kailua community came together Saturday morning to tackle a public eyesore.

KHON2 News first reported earlier in June about the Kailua Beach Park pavilion and its restrooms in disrepair.

The pavilion had become rundown and known for homeless vagrants, drug use and other illegal activities.

It was an ongoing problem, but little had been done about it.

So residents of the Windward community decided to take matters into their own hands.

Danny Cassler, founder of the My Kailua website, said that “by teaming up with the Kailua Beach Citizen Patrol and Kailua police, we were able to get the town together, and it was just unreal. People donated paint, pressure washers, food, water, and we had well over 60 people there.”

In addition, the area was landscaped, and community members plan to maintain the restrooms monthly.

On Aug. 16, the Kailua Beach Citizen Patrol is planning to do more park restoration, this time near the boat ramp.

Photo courtesy Jaymi Britten

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