New Honolulu eateries cater to breakfast, brunch crowd

Breakfast bibimbap at Koko Head Cafe.

As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Several new restaurants in Honolulu subscribe to that philosophy by only serving breakfast and brunch.

But is business good for breakfast?


Koko Head Cafe
1145C 12th Ave.

The Nook
1035 University Ave.

Tucker & Bevvy
449 Kapahulu Ave.

“Business has been amazing,” said Lee Anne Wong of Koko Head Cafe. “It’s a very exciting time here in Hawaii. There are a lot of great new restaurants popping up, very sort of a new culinary scene.”

Wong is a celebrity chef known for her appearance on the hit culinary competition show, Top Chef.

She moved to Hawaii and opened Koko Head Cafe just over three months ago. Her star quality food with farm fresh cuisine is generating big business.

“Brunch is profitable, but it’s a numbers game, so you have to do volume,” she said.

Her 56-seat cafe serves more than 300 plates a day, and now there are other new kids on the culinary block aiming to do the same.

New breakfast eatery The Nook, located in Puck’s Alley, opened its doors less than a week ago.

“You’re always on a wait in the weekdays to get an egg. We felt like it was a good solid place to start,” said co-owner Hailey Berkey.

“One day, it’s fairly slow, we see some of our friends, and then the next day, it’s just this huge crowd of people and (I think) okay, I guess I will just have to adjust,” said co-owner Anicea Campanale.

A recent study says that serving breakfast in restaurants actually isn’t all the profitable, but that’s not the case in Honolulu.

“I think it’s a high-profit-margin meal,” said Cecily Sargent of Tucker & Bevy. “Eggs aren’t really expensive, pancakes certainly aren’t expensive.”

Tucker & Bevy in Kapahulu is brand new and features an Australian-inspired menu.

“We saw that there was a niche for breakfast and we thought we would do something a little different,” Sargent said.

“I think it’s awesome (to see all these breakfast and brunch spots),” Wong said. “I come from New York and so my attitude is the playground is big enough for everybody.”

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