Woman dances with man who was the recipient of her son’s heart

Jack Eigel and Janet Ramsey
Jack Eigel and Janet Ramsey

PEWAUKEE, WI (WISN/CNN) – It’s “lesson time” for Jack Eigel and Janet Ramsey. They’re working on the tango to get ready for a national competition next month.

“I think we’ve been doing really good and I’m feeling really comfortable with the tango,” Ramsey said.

“We’re going into that with a very open mind of we’ll just do the best we can, it will just be fun,” Eigel said.

That fun will be part of the Transplant Games of America. Eigel is a heart recipient. Ramsey’s late son Chris donated the heart.

WISN first shared their story back in 2010 when Eigel and Ramsey met. Ramsey listened to her son’s heart now beating in the man she’s dancing with.

“I think we make good dance partners, we do pretty good, we can fumble over our feet and laugh at each other,” Ramsey said.

Since Eigel and Ramsey first started dancing together, they’ve since performed for the Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin and have another event this Friday. Then it’s off to Houston to show off their moves.

For Eigel dancing like this is something he never dreamed of doing.

“As a younger person I took some dance classes and things but never ballroom I pretty thought that was behind me but here we are,” Eigel said.

Ramsey says being by Eigel’s side with her son’s heart means so much.

“The first year, five years out, I never imagined that I could be happy again, and I am happy and I’m very happy that I know Jack and I’m very glad that we’re dancing and having fun,” Ramsey said.

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