Chimpanzee escape triggers evacuations at Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu Zoo

KHON2 has confirmed a chimpanzee escaped at Honolulu Zoo Tuesday afternoon.

“A chimpanzee escaped from its enclosure at the Honolulu Zoo at approximately 4:45 p.m.,” zoo director Jeff Wilkinson said in a statement. “Visitors were evacuated to shelters at the zoo for their safety and the chimpanzee was contained without incident or injury by 5 (p.m.)”

Zoo officials did not elaborate how the animal escaped.

“The chimpanzees were going crazy, fighting each other,” a viewer wrote in.

The Garcia family was at the zoo when it happened and said they were told to stay inside the store.

“We were leaving the zoo and we overheard security code red, and I thought something happened because I used to be a security guard, so we were like oh, okay. So we come over here and they were like, they wanted us to get inside because it was safer versus being out there,” said Kaimuki resident Robert Garcia.

This is not the first time an escape has occurred.

In February 2008, one of three tigers walked out of an enclosure after a zookeeper forgot to secure the gates after cleaning the area.

In March 2012, three exotic birds escaped after vandals cut holes in their cages.

And in August 2012, a 35-pound black-crested gibbon escaped after jumping from a wooden plank to a containment wall.

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