Public warned about phone scammers posing as HPD officers

HPD over background

The Honolulu Police Department (HPD) has received several reports of individuals claiming to be Honolulu police officers and soliciting money over the phone.

The callers identify themselves as “Lieutenant” or “Captain Kemp” or “Lieutenant Williams” of the HPD. They have phone numbers of 808-529-3111 or with 514 and 202 area codes.

Callers tell residents that a complaint has been filed against the resident or resident’s spouse, and that the charges can be dropped for a payment or fee.

The HPD reminds the public that the police department does not solicit money over the phone or in person, nor does the HPD drop charges of any kind.

Residents are advised not to give money to strangers.

Anyone who has received this type of phone call is asked to contact the HPD’s Criminal Investigation Division at 768-3609.

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