Former HPD officer indicted for alleged extortion, theft operations

A former Honolulu police officer is in trouble with the law. A grand jury has indicted Roddy Tsunezumi on two counts for allegedly running extortion and car theft operations.

According to court documents, Tsunezumi worked with another man, Jeremy Javillo, to try to extort money from a local bar.

The documents say they pressed the bar’s owners to pay $15,000 for “protection” from criminals saying police in general were “ineffective.”

Tsunezumi is also accused of running a car theft scheme with Javillo. According to court records, Tsunezumi would buy cars at auction or Craigslist. Then Javillo would steal a car that looks similar.

Authorities say the men would then take the vehicle identification number (VIN) from the purchased car and put it on the stolen car, then sell the stolen car and split the profits.

Both Tsunezumi and Javillo were indicted on conspiracy to interfere with commerce by threats and violence, and conspiracy to possess motor vehicles with altered vehicle identification numbers.

According to the Honolulu Police Dept., Tsunezumi was with the department for nine years but quit this past April.

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