Utah teen wins car, gives it to friend

Jessica Faasavalu and Kennedee Black
Jessica Faasavalu and Kennedee Black

WOODS CROSS, UT (KSL/CNN) — A Utah teen wins a car in a contest, but instead of keeping her prize she gives it to a friend in need.

The two have been friends since they were two.

“Yeah. 16 years,” Jessica Faasavalu said.

But they’ve taken very different twists and turns.

Kennedee Black’s often bumpy, Jessica’s mostly smooth.

So when the teens were in their senior year at Woods Cross High and asked by their English teacher to enter an essay for extra credit.

“And it has to answer the question, what you would do with a car,” Jessica said.

Kennedee turned it down, and Jessica got to work.

The winner would get a car from Bountiful Mazda.

But Jessica’s first draft wouldn’t be the essay she would enter.

“This isn’t right, I can’t say I need this car, because I don’t, and I just twirled around in that chair and thought, ‘Ya know what? Kennedee needs this car. So I erased what I had written and wrote a whole ‘nother one. I would love to win, but not for me,” Jessica said.

“I would love to win the car, but if I did, I would give it to my friend, Kennedee Black. She works more than 30 hours and sometimes more than 40 to help her mother support her brothers at home,” Jessica reads.

And when Jessica’s essay won…

“I didn’t have words to say. I didn’t know what to say,” Kennedee said.

But she now had a car

“I bawled for like two days straight,” Kennedee said.

The only problem…

“It’s stick shift,” Jessica said.

And Kennedee didn’t know how to drive a manual.

Jessica could help, but there were some big roadblocks.

“Because I didn’t take the brake off,” Kennedee said.

And detours…

“Can’t figure out the whole clutch…” Kennedee said.

“The ratio…deal,” Jessica said.

But once the two were off, the long-time friends were ready to cruise.

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