Hokulea: Helping with a ‘global village’ in Tahiti

The crew members of Hokulea and Hikianalia may be on land in Tahiti, but they are very busy forwarding the message and mission of the canoes’ voyage around the world.

Members of non-profits in Tahiti set up a “global village” dockside in Papeete.

They and the crew members spend their days hosting school children and community members — sharing science experiments, forwarding the values of taking care of planet Earth and each other, and even bringing them on board the voyaging canoes.

“I always definitely remind them how our ancestors from Hawaii came from Tahiti and we have this great, amazing heritage of voyagers,” said Kala Baybayan, education specialist on the Hikianalia. “So I ask them ‘I’m going to teach you navigation, do you want to know, do you want to learn?’ and they’re always so excited.”

The canoes are due for a crew change in about a week and will set sail from Tahiti on July 9.

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