Re-striping of H-1 Kinau exit causes confusion for drivers

Recent re-striping of the Kinau St. off-ramp from the H-1 Freeway heading east-bound is causing major confusion for drivers.

The state re-striped the H-1 Freeway to add a fifth lane that leads directly to the Kinau St. off-ramp.

Drivers in the fourth lane from the center now continue on the H-1, and must merge into the extra lane to take the off-ramp.

There is no signage to alert drivers of the change so on Friday, the area experienced backups and slowdowns as drivers cut over at the last minute.

“Tonight we’ll be putting out signs saying the lanes have been modified and to be cautious,” said Caroline Sluyter, spokesperson for the state Dept. of Transportation.

The east-bound lanes are being re-striped from the Middle St. merge to the Kinau exit, and should be done on Tuesday.

The west-bound lanes are next and that should be done by the end of July.

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