TSA fee raised on airline tickets

Airport TSA
Airport TSA

NEW YORK (CNN) — Baggage fees. Cancellation fees. Transfer fees.

Flying is full of extra charges.

This summer, travelers will notice a higher fee tacked on to their ticket price.

But this time you can’t blame the airlines.

Starting July 21, the Transportation Security Administration will increase its fee on flights.

Right now the TSA’s passenger security fee is $2.50 per flight.

The new charge will be $5.60 flat fee.

So a round-trip, nonstop flight will now cost passengers $11.20 versus $5.

And do you have a long layover?

Then you may have double the charges!

For example, say you have a flight from New York to Chicago to Denver to Las Vegas, with a layover of more than 4 hours between each.

You will pay $22.40 in just TSA fees.

Previously the TSA capped fees at 2 flights, so you would never pay above $10 per trip.

You can thank the bipartisan budget deal passed in December for the price hike.

Some of the fee helps fund airport security.

However, 75% of revenue of the hike will offset spending in the federal budget instead.

The only bright spot?

An industry trade group believes some carriers may pick up some of the new charge.

But don’t bet the house on it yet — no major airlines have announced how they will handle it.

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