Missouri man steals costume then stops for a drink

Missouri criminal steals costume, then stops at a bar
Missouri criminal steals costume, then stops at a bar

KANSAS CITY, MO (KSHB/CNN) — Police in Kansas City, Missouri say a man was under the influence of something — they won’t say what — when he busted a shop window and stole an elaborate costume.

He got caught because he stopped to have a drink at a bar nearby.

“I was looking out the window and I happened to turn my head to the guy and I see this guy run into a window,” Amanda Blancarte said.

As a waitress and bartender, Blancarte is used to seeing and meeting interesting folks everyday, but what she witnessed Thursday night she calls surreal.

Around 8:30, someone threw a brick through the window of a costume shop on 20th and Grand.

The thief took off with a yellow cape and headdress.

The suspect: nowhere in sight.

“He struggled to get in,” Blancarte said.

Until an hour later, when the costumed bandit showed up at The Cashew a few yards away from the crime scene.

“Everybody wanted to take pictures with him he made the room really quiet everybody just watched him walk in,” Blancarte said.

A customer sent these photos in a series of tweets of the seemingly mellow yellow crook sitting at the end of the bar.

“I’m just really shocked came back to the scene of the crime or so close to it. He didn’t think he’d get caught,” Blancarte said.

Oh but he did, officers arrested the suspect about 15 minutes into his stop at the bar.

Despite the jokes that this costume has something to do with a chicken the owner says that this cape is in fact part of a elaborate showgirl costume. The suspect did forget the boa.

The cape sustained only a few tears and dirt marks, but the owner isn’t laughing.

“When you break a window and somebody get injured and items are stolen that is not a joke,” costume shop owner Steve Short said.

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