Coastal brown water advisory for Kauai

Algae bloom on Kauai (Photo: Dept. of Health)
Algae bloom on Kauai (Photo: Dept. of Health)

The Clean Water Branch of the Dept. of Health (DOH) has issued a Modified Brown Water Advisory for the coastal waters of Kauai from Moloaa Bay to Anahola Bay due to a brownish-green plume of undetermined source.

The possible source of the plume is a coral spawning event or an algae bloom, but the color of the plume is not that of a coral spawn, and also the color is not what is normally seen for an algae bloom.

Samples have been collected and are being sent to a DOH lab for identification.

As a precaution, the public is advised to stay out of the brownish-green plume.

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