RIMPAC radio frequencies not jamming garage door remotes

Naval ships and troops from nearly two dozen countries are taking part in the RIMPAC exercise this month.

All the units must stay in touch through radio, but in the past, that has caused some problems for residents here in Honolulu.

Those radio frequencies are top secret, as you might imagine. But the transmissions have previously interfered with remote control garage door openers.

Valerie Okemura of H&H Overhead Door of Oahu said “if it does interfere with their garage doors and (residents) come home, and they can’t open their garages with their remotes, you have to decrease that distance because there’s interference happening. Unfortunately, they may have to get out of their car, get as close as possible to see if the remote will activate the door.”

But, so far this year, not so many complaints of unopened garage doors.

“In recent years, I really haven’t seen that much of a problem,” Okemura said,”and, hopefully, this year it won’t be as bad. But it’s hard to say because we don’t know what the military is going to be using or what frequency they’re going to be on.”

RIMPAC exercises have already started at Pearl Harbor and other military bases, and will continue for the next month, bringing more than $50 million into the local economy. The radio frequency – garage door opener problem may be a thing of the past, but some communities are keeping a close eye on their neighborhoods.

Malcolm Ching of the Waikele Community Association said if anyone sees any garage doors that are open, “as a courtesy, we have our security guys go by there and notify the homeowners … if something is out of the ordinary and let them know.”

Basically, the closer your remote is to the garage door, the better the chance it will operate correctly, and be sure to have another access to your house.

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