Pacarro says liquor commission faces an uphill battle

Don Pacarro

On Tuesday, attorney Don Pacarro will take over as head of the Honolulu Liquor Commission.

The commission has seen its share of problems lately, with administrator Greg Nishioka resigning last year amid allegations he had illegally taken money from a client.

Pacarro is a former deputy prosecuting attorney and believes his background will aid him when it comes to cooperating with other law enforcement agencies.

“I spearheaded the investigation involving the copper thefts,” he said. “We worked with the sheriff’s department, Dept. of Transportation, the attorney general’s office, HPD, and we were able to solve that case and I think three of the ring leaders got 10 years jail.”

Pacarro concedes it will be an uphill battle for the commission to regain respect, but he emphasizes that the rank-and-file employees are dedicated to enforcing the law when it comes to liquor laws in Honolulu.

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