Riders who run to catch the bus are all too common, many say

Officials are still trying to identify the elderly man who was killed after being run over by a city bus over the weekend near Ala Moana.

Police say it appears the 71-year-old had been tapping on the side of the bus to get the driver’s attention, but lost his balance and fell into the path of the bus.

The incident is raising questions about passengers chasing after a bus that’s already pulling away.

“It’s a fact that people are always running after buses. They think it’s the last bus on earth,” said Alan Campo, who rides the bus on a regular basis.

“It happens all the time. If you are down there and you are running up this way, you are going to run,” said David Wagner, who also rides the bus.

It only took a few moments after getting to the bus stop on the corner of Punchbowl and King streets to see people running to catch their bus, and knocking on bus doors that had already closed.

KHON2 tried unsuccessfully to ask Oahu Transit Services and the city to clarify if there’s a policy about passengers chasing after a moving bus. Is it the bus driver’s choice whether to stop? Should something be done to discourage passengers from doing this?

While KHON2 got no official response, “many times the drivers will stop if they have patience and there are other drivers who don’t accommodate that,” said Campo.

One bus driver said it’s the drivers choice whether or not they stop for passengers who are late.

But one rider says it’s common sense, and riders should just wait for the next bus rather than risk getting hurt.

“I’m used to catching the bus and I don’t run after the bus anymore because I don’t want to get into an accident,” said Campo.

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