Michelle Howard becomes Navy’s first female four-star admiral

Vice Admiral Michelle Howard
Vice Admiral Michelle Howard

WASHINGTON (CNN) – The U.S. Navy has its first female four-star officer.

Vice Admiral Michelle Howard received the promotion in a special ceremony Tuesday.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced the news to the media.

“For the first time in the Navy’s 236 year history a woman will be pinned with a fourth star. Vice Admiral Michelle Howard will be promoted at a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery that is taking place today – I don’t know if it has already occurred or if it is happening later on today. Admiral Howard attended the Naval Academy and she graduated there in 1982. She is somebody who has done a lot of interesting things in her career. She is also the first African-American woman to command a ship, the amphibious dock landing ship Rushmore in 1999. So her historic career is taking a next step today. She will be named the deputy CNO for Operations, Plans and Strategy at the Navy. So congratulations to Admiral Howard”

Howard’s promotion comes nearly six years after Army General Ann E. Dunwoody became the U.S. military’s first female four-star officer.

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