8 months pregnant Olympic runner speaks out

Eight months pregnant and still running races: pregnancy and exercise how far can you go?

Alysia Montano
Alysia Montano

(CNN) — Alysia Montano had fans on her feet after she completed her 800 meter race at the U.S. Championships.

Her time was impressive and so was the fact that she did it while she was 8-months pregnant.

A photo finish worth a thousand comments…

She came in last but the audience applauded her athleticism.

As the image made its way around the world, but not everybody is clapping.

“I’ve read books and been told by my doctor not to be running, so to me I thought that was pretty risky for the baby. Me personally I wouldn’t do it,” said Rebecca Salinas.

“Sounds a little crazy. If it was my wife, I don’t think I would have let her do it. It doesn’t seem like it would be good for the baby… all that shaking going on,” said Juan Salinas.

On Twitter, one person writes is that even safe? Another is far harsher saying child abuse, vile woman.

Montano has heard that and worse: You’re gonna kill the baby… or you’re being selfish

“I am a mom and you’re thinking about wow I would never do anything to hurt my baby and that’s really, really harsh words for somebody to say,” Montano said.

Especially since Montano’s own doctor says it is perfectly healthy for her. Montano is an Olympian who has run throughout her entire pregnancy, and that is the key doctors say.

“…as long as she has excellent exercise tolerance, meaning that she maintained her exercise regimen during her first trimester, second trimester, and the infant is growing well,” said Dr. Francis Chang, OB/GYN, Good Samaritan Hospital.

The same goes for most fit mom’s with normal pregnancies.

“When I first read about that I thought it was awesome. I was like wow, good for her. I can’t run but I was very impressed,” said Sara Finnerty who is 37 weeks pregnant.

So Montano is ignoring the naysayers, and listening to her doctor’s and fans instead.

“…I really wanted people to understand that this body this female body it’s a very, very strong body we’re not fragile we’re not going to fall apart and second pregnancy is not a disease it is not an ailment,” said Montano.

Just like any late stage pregnancy, she admits she needs a little help to get ready.

We asked who ties her shoes, and she replied her husband.

All tied up… The reporter challenged Montano to a very short race where she blew her away.

But the winning time goes to baby Montano who is clearly out front.

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