Parking, traffic alerts for Ala Moana fireworks show


It’s one of the biggest 4th of July celebrations in the state. Thousands are expected to pack Ala Moana Beach Park for the fireworks show – but finding a place to park and navigate through traffic will be a challenge

The fireworks show starts at 8:30 Friday night. Parking restrictions will be in place well before then – and with an estimated 55,000 people in attendance, getting home after the show may take a while.

Those who staked out a place at the beach park for the show were allowed to stay – but only two people are allowed per camp site. And for those who drove into the park on Thursday – they were advised that all cars had to leave the park by 10 PM Thursday Night.

While the park will reopen at 4 a.m. Friday to let drivers in – expect a long line of cars scrambling to get into a stall. The going will be tough – and those who staked out a place at the park on Thursday are already making plans to make sure they are back in time for the show.

KHON2 asked Brandon Pounce where he is expecting to park when he returns on Friday. “Anywhere actually. Anywhere I can find a spot,” said Pounce. “Right there, just take it, cause if you don’t take that first parking, you might not see another spot anymore.

Molly Pulido said, “Our plan is, that my husband will drive home, leave the van there, catch the bus, and get back here.”

Jamie Dixon pulled off his elaborate plan for the Memorial Day Lantern Festival.

“We have two cars. We are going to take one car to my friend’s working place, who works right here at Ala Moana,” said Dixon. “Then, she is going to drive us back, and then she’s going take that car home, go sleep, wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning, come back, pick us up, take us to get the car at her working place, and then come back with the two cars.”

Those who don’t have a plan to get into the park – your options to find parking elsewhere are limited. You can forget about parking at the beach park along Ala Moana Boulevard from Ward Avenue to Atkinson Drive on Friday. As for the other nearby surface streets, the going is just as tough. On Friday, from 3 in the afternoon until 10 at night, there is no parking on Keeaumoku Street.

For those who plan to use Piikoi Street, you need to pay attention to a couple of things. First, there will be no parking on Piikoi from 3 in the afternoon to about 10 at night. Secondly, and more importantly, traffic on both sides of Piikoi starting at 8 tomorrow night will be going in one direction, mauka, away from the park. Officials want to make sure that people can leave Ala Moana Park safely and efficiently after the fireworks show.>

And one more traffic advisory: police will close the bridge on Ala Moana Boulevard that leads into Waikiki to vehicle traffic in both directions. That bridge is at the Diamond Head entrance to the park – and the closure will begin at 8 P-M Friday night.

Please also note: police will be on the lookout for the following that will not be allowed in the beach park: animals, fireworks, alcohol, and tents. Only canopies with no sides are allowed for use as shelters.

Map provided by the Honolulu Police Department
Map provided by the Honolulu Police Department

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