Family of bus crash victim has many questions, but no answers

Dominador Aguilar Jr.

A deadly crash at a dimly lit crosswalk in Kalihi has those living nearby asking for something to be done.

Last week, Dominador Aguilar Jr., 55, was struck and killed by a city bus.

The accident took place at a crosswalk that many say is dangerous and poorly lit, and now the victim’s family is left wondering if something could have been done to prevent his death.

“We haven’t received any call from anybody since the accident,” said Aguilar’s brother, Angel Aguilar.

For Aguilar’s family, questions keep building up, but as for answers, one family member said nobody has even talked to them.

“As a grieving brother, and my brother has a son and a wife, and we all have questions and it’s only been a week and nobody has explained to us why this happened,” said Angel Aguilar.

After hearing some of his questions, KHON2 reached out to the city, as well as bus operator Oahu Transit Services, to get the family some answers. “What do they normally do when this thing happens?” Angel Aguilar asked.

Neither was available for an on-camera interview, and instead, a city spokesperson emailed us a statement that said if the accident is serious, the bus driver is taken out of service during a preliminary investigation. Drug and alcohol tests are completed along with a defensive driving review, and a determination is made if the driver is fit for duty.

KHON2 also found out that bus operators normally work between eight- and nine-hour shifts, but must have at least an eight-hour rest period in between.

“I am wondering with so many accidents happening near there why the city and other organizations haven’t looked into making an improvement,” said Angel Aguilar.

Angel says he and his nephew plan to look into getting something done for that particular crosswalk.

“Why is the lighting so poor in that area thats first and second that’s a major crosswalk and there’s no crosswalk so yea those are our main concerns,” he said. “We don’t know why this thing happened. Again, there are so many questions in our mind and nobody has offered any answers yet.”

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