Your genes might be making you a mosquito magnet

AP File Photo

Do you ever feel like a mosquito magnet?

It might not be all in your head, but in your genes.

“I got bit as soon as we turned on a different trail and my legs were covered in mosquito bites,” said hiker Kara Hendrickson.

Have you ever wondered if you were the only one getting bitten by mosquitoes at that family barbeque? Or while on a hike?

Well, it turns out –according to— those pesky little blood suckers actually do have favorites when it comes to who they are biting.

“On the hike, we ran into a swarm of mosquitoes and of the four of us, she was the only one to get bit,” said Ben Reed.

The hiker he was referring to was Hendrickson, who found out the hard way that the research is true.

“I think it’s true,” she said. “I’ve always been prone to them and I’m always around friends who don’t get mosquito bites and I always get four or five.”

Jeremy Cummings also agrees and said he is the magnet when it comes to him and his wife.

“My wife and I go out on an evening that she hardly gets any bites at all, and then I’ll go out and get eight to 10 bites,” he said. “It’s pretty crazy that they are attracted to certain types of people.”

So if you are wondering what makes you more attractive to mosquitoes, here’s what the study found ..

People with Type O blood.

People with a higher body temperature.

Pregnant women and people who have been drinking alcohol.

The research said that people with Type O blood are bitten twice as often as people with Type A blood.

Mosquitoes are also attracted to the colors dark blue or red.

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