Community grieves over its tragic loss

Jolyn Kipapa

Hawaii’s close-knit community was shocked to learn yesterday that 52-year old Jolyn Kipapa had been stabbed to death.

She was well known in the Waimanalo area as the wife of an entertainer and as someone who welcomed foster children into her home.

Police arrested Kipapa’s 16-year-old son on suspicion of murder.

Since the tragedy, the community is really pulling together to help the family, a strong network of people ready to do whatever it can to help.

Family friend and spokesman Andy Jamila said “it’s a full-on sorrow (for) the whole community. Right now, it’s a major depression. One of our treasures was taken from us.”

Kurt and Jolyn Kipapa cared for a large number of foster and adopted children. Paulette Bethel of Family Programs Hawaii responded on Sunday that her organization is ready to help.

“We know that’s available,” Jamila said, “and, right now, we’re just relying on family. Our family in Waimanalo, our extended families around the island coming here and giving their condolences and their love and prayers.

“There’ve been a lot of aunties, uncles just coming by and just dropping off food (but) letting us iron this out between the family and how everyone feels. But there’s been a lot of family and close calabash families coming by that have known the Kipapa family and especially Jolyn.

“She was just a big plus when it came to a big-hearted woman. Nobody could match her.”

Waimanalo is a tight-knit community. This morning at St. George Church, Father Scott Bush offered a tribute.

“They dedicated the mass to Jolyn Kipapa and that was really big,” said Jamila, “big of that church to say that.”

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