Hawaii residents warned about phone scam

AP Graphic

The Honolulu FBI is warning Hawaii residents about a telephone scam.

This scam begins when someone, posing as a “deputy,” contacts the victim on the phone.

The “deputy” gives his name and a badge number in hopes of legitimizing the call and advises the victim that they are delinquent from federal jury duty and will be arrested immediately.

In order to avoid arrest, the “deputy” advises the victim that they can pay a fine. They are instructed to go to a Longs Drugs store and obtain a  $500.00 “green dot” money order.

The victim is also provided with a local number to call. Once the victim has obtained the money order, they are instructed to call the number and provide the numbers located on the back of the money order.

The people promoting the scam will provide names of federal judges, courtroom numbers, addresses, etc., in an attempt to make the scam believable.

The Honolulu FBI reminds the public that this is not protocol of the federal court system. This is a scam.

The public should not provide personal identifying information over the phone and need to verify the legitimacy of the call before providing any form of payment.

If anyone should receive a call as described above, please contact the Honolulu FBI at 808-566-4300.

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