New details emerge in the Georgia hot car death investigation, focus shifts to mother

Leanna Harris
Leanna Harris

ATLANTA, GA (CNN) — More search warrants are being released today in the investigation into the death of a toddler who was left in his father’s hot car for hours.

The father, Justin Ross Harris, remains in a Georgia jail cell on murder charges.

And now the investigation may be shifting to the toddler’s mother, who police say — along with her husband — searched child deaths on the Internet.

More search warrants will release this morning and may reveal new information about the death of 22-month-old Cooper Harris

The Cobb County magistrate tells CNN as many as seven warrants could include more details about Justin Ross Harris.

Over the weekend, Georgia homicide detectives continue their work.

Leanna Harris, the baby’s mother, also part of the investigation according to police.

It was just Thursday the public learned bizarre details about the case–like the Internet searches on the father’s work computer, that included a visit to a web page devoted to exploring a child free lifestyle, as well as a search for how to survive in prison.

“Evidence is showing us right now that he’s got this whole second life that he’s living with alternate personalities and alternate personas,” Cobb County Police Det. Phil Stoddard said.

Police said Harris sent lewd text messages while his son sat strapped in a car seat in the broiling Atlanta heat.

“He was having up to six different conversations with different women. The most common term would be sexting,” Det. Stoddard said.

Police also testifying that the couple had money problems and that they’d both done Internet searches on child deaths in hot cars.

The defense objecting to much of Thursday’s testimony and painting Ross as a loving father who made a mistake.

“It’s not criminal negligence. It’s a horrible tragedy and an accident,” his defense attorney H. Maddox Kilgore said.

In court, the mother’s face mostly stoic.

Det. Stoddard detailed her reaction on the day her only child was found dead.

“In front of several witnesses, all of sudden she states, ‘Ross must have left him in the car.’ And they’re like, ‘What?’ ‘There’s no other reason, Ross must have…no other explanation’ excuse me. ‘Ross must have left him in the car.’ And they tried to console her and they’re like, ‘No there’s a thousand reasons. He could have taken him to lunch or something. We don’t know yet.’ And she’s like, ‘No,'” Det. Stoddard testified.

Investigators say their work is far from over.

Family and friends of the couple say judgment should be reserved until all of the facts surface.

Last week, search warrants revealed to the public showed that after Cooper’s death, Justin Ross Harris spoke to family members about how to collect on two insurance policies totaling 27-thousand dollars.

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