New TSA security measures for mobile phones

New TSA rules for mobile phones
New TSA rules for mobile phones

(CNN) — You might be among the travelers asked to turn on your personal electronic device during security screening at overseas airports.

Screeners at overseas airports may start asking US-bound passengers to power on their electronics.

This is a new TSA measure to prove electronics aren’t explosive devices.

Simply, if it can’t power on — it can’t come on board and the traveler may then undergo additional screening.

It’s an update to security measures aimed at combating potential new threats from terrorists in the Middle East and Europe.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh (Jay) Johnson spoke with NBC’s “Meet the Press” about the move.

“Our job is to try to anticipate the next attack, not simply react to the last one. And so we continually evaluate the world situation, and we know that there remains a terrorist threat to the united states, and aviation security is a large part of that,” Johnson explained.

The TSA will have to coordinate with the foreign governments which provide security at airports in their countries.

It will also have to coordinate with the airlines and private security companies as well.

Now last week, a US Homeland Security official said security changes would primarily focus on airports in Europe and the Middle East.

Across the pond, the UK Department for Transport recently confirmed it is stepping up some of its aviation security measures.

Now it’s not currently known what other measures TSA may employ, and the stepped up security was not prompted by a specific threat.

The overseas effort does not involve changes to what travelers can take aboard flights.

But passengers may see additional inspections of shoes and electronics and additional use of scanners designed to detect trace amounts of explosives.

In some cases, they may see another stage of screening at boarding gates.

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